Dean Cani Coach

What is Canicross

Canicross is the sport of running cross-country with your dog

It is a fantastic feeling, being in harmony with your dog as you both enjoy a run together in the fresh air and beautiful countryside.

Dogs tend to love canicross in a group as they are all travelling in the same direction which can lessen anxiety and most dogs love to chase!

Your dog should be in good general health, always ask your Vet for advice. 

Dogs should be at least 12 to 18 months old depending on the breed.

What do you need ?

You will need 

A comfy harness for your dog, one which does not restrict breathing or movement. 

A bungee line connects dog and runner to absorb shock and make it feel nice and smooth for you both.

The runner needs a belt which should sit around the hips which is better for your back.

Why Dean Cani Coach Sessions ?

We aim to deliver training  to give you knowledge and experience about canicross. 

Julie and Barb  are offering starter sessions, one to one, doggy 0-5k and progression up to racing.

We use the Canicross Coach model of canicross. This includes warm ups and cool downs for runners and dogs and lots of attention to dog safety.

We will make sure you and your dog are comfy. We aim to provide you with a fun, safe and structured canicross session. We provide instruction and practice on commands and etiquette for running and racing. We have equipment for you to try before deciding which is best for you and your dog.

Come and Give Canicross a try

There are No Fees 

We are suggesting donations to our local charity, Forest of Dean Dog Rescue, registered charity number 1172913



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